How to game apps install?

1. Tap the downloaded game apps file.

2. Touch install.

3. Open the application and click on "Install file".

4. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.



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GTA 5 MOBILE EXTREME Call Of Duty Mobile game is currently being tested in the closed Alpha version by only a lucky few players.

Let’s briefly touch on the content observed so far in the game in accordance with the screenshots and new information from the closed alpha version.

The game is a 1:1 port with all the features like field upgrades, cash, loot and health system, death series, kill cameras and gulag. Perspective (FPP) mode is also currently only connected to first-person mode.

The loading system is not finished at the moment, and intercepting air cargo provides nothing more than a basic weapon. Most likely, it will be updated as you go through the testing stages.

The charts are currently expected to be weak and cannot be adjusted. This is expected at the early stages of development of any mobile game alpha. The graphics will improve significantly at launch. The animations were also completely transferred from the PC version with the same narration sound throughout the game. The game weighs about 4.4 GB.

GTA 5 MOBILE EXTREME The map is the original Verdansk with 150 players. There is no change of scenery. Among the weapons detected so far are the X16, AX50, M4A1, MP5, AUG, Dec 860 shotgun and RAALMG (although some have different names). There is a new sniper rifle that is not in the original game. Probably exclusive content for mobile devices.


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